Biocidal products as spray, ampoule, spot-on

Biocide Products

Biocidal products include not only products that act directly on harmful organisms, such as disinfectants, insecticides, rodenticides and wood preservatives, but also those that are intended to prevent damage. These also include attractants and repellents. The areas of application for biocidal products are extremely diverse.

What is a biocidal product

Biocidal products are preparations containing one or more biocidal active substances that deter, render harmless or destroy harmful organisms. The biocidal active substances contained may be chemical substances or microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi).

  • Products that contain repellents (DEET, Icaridin, IR3535, PMD, citronella, neem, essential oils, etc.) are subject to the Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Biocidal products are used to repel pests (e.g. mosquitoes, ticks)
  • The use of repellents prevents or reduces sting nuisance

Authorisation has to be observed

Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 (Biocidal Products Regulation) regulates the sale and supply (making available on the market) and use of biocidal products throughout Europe. The Biocidal Products Regulation therefore affects distributors, distributors and users of biocidal products. The use of repellents has the effect of preventing or reducing annoying bites

Products / Animal care products

  • Skin disinfectant
  • Insect repellent spray
  • Household biocides
  • Sprays against bacteria, viruses
  • Shoe spray for disinfection
  • Sprays against parasites
  • Spot-ons
  • Shampoos against ticks, fleas & mites
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