Abfüllung von Tuchmasken in Sachets

Sachet filling

Thanks to its practical handling the sachet has become an integral part of the cosmetics industry. The market for sachets and sachet sheet masks has grown steadily in pharmacies, drugstores and retail outlets. You too can market your product cost-effectively and trigger new buying impulses directly with the customer with immediate effect!

We develop customised formulations according to your requirements for Single-chamber and double-chamber sachets. A professional team accompanies and supports you from development through to the market-ready product.  

Small packaging - BIG

  • 100 % recyclable material
  • Brilliant printing results with finishing options
  • Maximum barrier protection for your contents
  • Cost-effective product with high quality
  • Simple and hygienic care application
  • Handy and space-saving

Innovative films and coatings can also be used to recycleable sachets and squeezies / Stand-up pouch with spout / Spoutbags be produced. We package your product sustainably and economically.


Abfüllung von Sachets im Dreirandsiegelbeutel

Minimum order quantity: 30,000 sachets

Three-side seal bag 

Four-side sealed bag 

Single chamber sachet

Double chamber sachet

We offer customised formulations according to your requirements for single-chamber and double-chamber sachets. A professional team accompanies and supports you.

ADifferent consistencies can be filled: liquid, creamy and pasty.

Creams, serums, scrubs and mud


Verschiedene Cremes und Konsistenzen

Do you have special requirements?

Take advantage of our experience in filling a wide variety of cosmetic products, even with challenging consistencies and a wide range of pack shapes and sizes.

Sachet formats

Sheet mask sachet

  • min. 100 mm width x 150 mm height
  • max. 120 mm width x 160 mm height

Single chamber sachet

  • minimum 60 mm wide
  • max. 160 mm wide & 240 mm high

Double chamber axle

  • symmetrical and asymmetrisch
  • max. total width 160 mm

We produce according to the current GMP standard and are up to date

Production processes are documented - you have insight

Complete range of services can be selected as required