Verpackungen cellophanieren
Fully automatic, semi-automatic packaging or careful manual packaging - the packaging is carried out according to your specifications and requirements. As we pay particular attention to the mechanical engineering and development of our filling and packaging machines, we are also flexible when it comes to unusual or complex packaging forms and guarantee fast processing.

Your products are labelled via

Labeller (front and back / wrap-around label)

Coders (batch number, best-before date, BBD, etc.)

Direct printing with our in-house pad printing shop

For protection, as a seal and tamper-evident closure, we offer

Cellophane wrapping

Tubular bag packaging

Film sealing (hot air channel for shrink films)

The products are dispatched by a forwarding agent or our own lorry. On request, we offer a well-organised warehouse that constantly stocks goods for a defined requirement. You call up your batches via the Internet and we always automatically replenish the agreed stock.

Cosmetics cleanly and safely packaged
Secondary packaging

Folding boxes

Folding boxes with instruction leaflet and/or spatula

Telescope boxes




Counter display

If required, special machine designs can be converted, customised or new machines built depending on product requirements.

High flexibility and well-organised order throughput times enable you to plan your schedule reliably.

(*Folding boxes and cardboard packaging FSC „Forest Stewardship Council®")

Do you have special requirements?

ake advantage of our experience in filling a wide variety of cosmetic products, even with challenging consistencies and a wide range of pack shapes and sizes.

User-friendly, efficient and suitable packaging solutions

Recycling Icon

Packaging made from recycled plastics PCR

  • PCR Post-Consumer Recycled - materials that have been recycled from products that have already been used, e.g. PCR tube
  • rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • rPP single-material tube (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) 
  • HDPE single-material tube (Recycled High-Density Polythene)
  • PP monotubes, PP monofilm consist of one material, therefore easy to recycle
  • Squeezies made from recycled PET
Dispenser bottles symbol image

Airless containers, refill systems or glass

  • Airless packaging system with self-closing outlet opening Advantages: good residual emptying to almost 100% thanks to pump mechanism, fewer preservatives, the contents are protected from external influences: Oxidation processes, light and germs
  • Refill and reuse flacons, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers
  • Glass container e.g. with replaceable inner container
Tree & Gras Symbol

Packaging made from renewable raw materials

  • Bottles and jars made of cellulose (wood fibres) completely biodegradable
  • Organic cellulose sheet mask
  • Spruce wood tube with spruce wood and sugar-based elements
  • FSC folding carton / cardboard boxes with grass content (grass cardboard)
  • Crayon tubes
  • Corn packaging chips as filling material
  • Sugar cane tubes BIO-PE, also known as Green PE, is bio-based polyethylene